THE METHOD For Healing Love Relationships Workshop And
THE METHOD For Healing Love Relationships Keynote  


The Seminar / Workshop

My healing relationship workshops center on the implementation of The Method for healing relationship hurts and resolving relationship issues. Thy are highly interactive as participants identify and gain freedom from the internal patterns that have been producing their relationship unhappiness and pain.  As effective as individual and couple coaching is, these group settings of mutual support provide the most powerful, positive releases for relationship healing, love, happiness and satisfaction.

I travel the world presenting Healing Relationship Circle Seminars at venues large and small, including places of worship, conferences, businesses, and homes.


E-mail me to set up a Healing Love Workshop for your group. It can be done live, via group call, or webcam.


Click here to hear me discuss how our relationships show us how we need to grow, to find more joy and success without control.


The Keynote

These inspiring professional spearer events address the key issue impacting relationships, which is the principle of reflection. The way this principle works in relationships is as follows.  How another seems to be relating to you is nothing but an exact reflection of a way that you relate with yourself.  I guide the audience in recognizing how they are the creator of their own relationship experiences, and how to relasse themselves from the internal pattern that continue recreating the same old painful relationship problems.  I present these for groups of all kinds, including conferences that focus on marriage and to businesses for remarkable team buildinng, leadership and sales.

Email me to discuss your inspirational Relationship Healing Keynote needs or to receive a link to one of my inspirational keynote videos.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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