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Freedom From Relationship Dissatisfaction;

Seeking More Keeps You In It


Let’s describe relationship dissatisfaction as a case of wanting more from a person.


As we shall see, though, while we seek more to get us out of that dissatisfied state, seeking more actually serves to keep us even more deeply in the state of relationship dissatisfaction.


Did you ever find yourself wanting more from someone?  Of course you have.  We have all stepped into this trap.


Why did you do that? You felt dissatisfied with what you were being given.  In other words, you thought you were taking too much and tried to rectify the situation by seeking more. And this goes on until you hear yourself saying, “I can’t take anymore of this!”


Let’s take a close look at this situation to clarify it, because clarification always leads to liberation.  


You were not happy with how little that person was giving you of himself, so you sought more.  More of what?   More of that person!


When someone continues to leave you feeling left, feeling short-changed, feeling locked out, feeling used or taken advantage of, wouldn’t it make more sense to want less of such a person, not more?


Why is it that when someone leaves us we want them back?  Aren’t we just asking for more of what we really don’t want? 


What if you tried doing things differently for different results?  You’ve tried to get more, only to get more dissatisfied.  So what if, when you feel dissatisfied with how little someone is giving of himself, with how much you are taking from him, you seek less?  Isn’t that what you really want: less of what you don’t want? 


 What would happen then?


You'd still feel empty inside.  So let's look at the real cause of your emptiness.


Your dissatisfaction with others is a reflection of your dissatisfaction with yourself.


Your dissatisfaction witth yourself is always based on a false belief about yourself. You have a belief in your inability, unworthiness, inadequacy, inferiority.  This keeps you from fully loving, appreciating and valuing yourself. 


The Method is an effective, proven way for healing the relationship dissatisfaction between you and you that manifests relationship dissatisfaction with others.


As you heal this relationship you will automatically find yourself in harmonious, mutually satisfinng relationships with others.  Until this is accomplished, though, you must feel continually frustrated in your attempts at finding relationship satisfaction.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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