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Nothing is more important for your wellbeing, your joy, your accomplishment of the life you want to be living than you living in your inner peace.


Inner peace is the basis for all right thinking and right action.  Beyond this, it connects your consciousness to the power of being, the power that causes your life to fall into place with perfect order.


States of emotional and mental commotion disconnect you from your true power to find your true way in life.  Insecure individuals will use tactics aimed at causing you to lose your peace and poise to block you from your true power, in their desperate attempt to gain power over you.


The deeper your state of inner stillness the better.  Inner stillness is your power to remain unmoved by those who would draw you into their drama and distract you from the course of your greatest contentment.  Those who suffer emotionally will try to get you off track out of their jealous fear of seeing themselves as outdone.


Your degree of self-command equals your degree of command over your circumstances.  Any event that knocks you out of your inner peace and poise knocks you out of your point of true power.  Circumstances that you strive to control with stress and emotional strain continue spinning out of your control, descending into increasing chaos, confusion and difficulty.  Being in charge of any condition begins with being in charge of yourself.


Living in the peace of inner stillness is not a bland, flat way to live.  On the contrary you will find in that the fulfillment, empowerment and inspiration you have ever desired.  It is a vital, vibrant, energized state of true freedom.  It is all you really want, and all you have ever been looking for.  You have been seeking it through achievement of goals and manipulation of other people, in vain.  You did this because you believed these to be your source of joy.  This strategy has never worked.  You must continue employing it, though, until you are tired enough of the defeat, disappointment and despair that it brings you – tired enough to give up on that way.


You can find deep inner peace by working directly on experiencing it.  It requires looking at your thoughts and feelings until you can clearly see how you slip into internal states of strife.  When you see this, you can let go of those internal states and find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into utter inner peace, contentment, love and joy.  There is no limit to how deeply you can sink into the blissful heights of inner peace!


The mental-cause of addiction is the underlying belief that you need something outside of you to free you from the anxiety, unhappiness and other forms of inner strife you suffer from.  The more you feed an addiction, though, by doing its bidding, the stronger the addiction grows and the less satisfying its gratification becomes.  Sooner or later we have to begin to set ourselves free, and the longer we wait the longer and harder the process.


The way to inner peace is through direct, conscious experience of your feelings, however uncomfortable or painful those feelings are.  As your inner pain drives you to take action aimed at securing an external condition to free you, simply observe that inner urge without submitting to it.  


A major block to inner peace is the habit of feeling unhappy, stressed out, unlucky, desperate, helpless, hopeless, angry, resentful, frustrated, jealous, insecure, needy, dissatisfied, critical, inadequate, inferior, overwhelmed, etc.  These are all emotional habits that have nothing to do with reality, with what is really happening.  When you ascribe the cause of how you feel outside of yourself you are strengthening your dependency on what can never come through for you for more than a fleeting moment.


Relate with your inner stress-feelings as nothing but habitual patterns that you learned in early childhood and have fed over the years.  Invalidating them begins your liberation.  Rationalizing, justifying them with logic, protects them and prevents you from the freedom from them that your heart desires.


You begin to disempower those inner habits by simply observing them without letting them drive you into thought, speech or action aimed at getting your external world to rescue you from them.  As your habits of feeling down, bad, unhappy weaken, your inner state relaxes, allowing you to experience the delightful radiance emitting from your core of inner peace.  The more you practice maintaining your inner peace and poise, without repressing or suppressing feelings of stress, the stronger your ability to remain in peace grows.


Inner peace releases your greatest power to work on your behalf.  It is more powerful than any effort you can make to control or direct your life.  Your life does require action, but your actions will be haphazard, and often self-defeating, when you lack the inner clarity of peace that reveals your wise course.


Living in peace and trusting peace takes some getting used to.  It is the opposite of what you were taught and trained to do, and of what people expect from you.  You may even find yourself feeling guilty about how easily you are taking things, even in the midst of circumstances that appear dire.  But living in peace demonstrates compassion toward yourself.  It is your path of self-kindness.  When you live in a way that loving toward you, you discover that life loves you too!


To make the change to inner peace closely monitor your daily reactions.  Note those instances when you lose your peace and slip into reactionary stress.  On a scale of 1-10 measure how much anxiety and unhappiness you are feeling in the present.  As you become more clearly aware of where you veer off the peaceful path you will find that you can make slight, gradual improvements.  As you improve to whatever degree possible you will find more opportunities for greater advancement opening up for you.


The way to pursue peace is peacefully.  Be patient with yourself as you experiment with this new way of living that is so very different from the way others live, and so very different from the way that insecure people in your life try to get you to live.  Be gentle, patient and persevering about your peaceful path.


Contact me to discuss how my phone coaching help you to release your blocks to inner peace, and from the emotional reaction and negative thinking habits that stand in your way.

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