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The Real Reason Why Relationships Don’t Work Out

And What To Do For A Great One


There is really only one reason why relationships don't work out. When you understand what to do instead you virtually guranteee that you get a great one!


The reason they don't work is seeking them for the wrong reason.


Are you seeking a relationship for the wrong reason?

Doing this is the main reason why relationships don’t work out.


The wrong reason for seeking a relationship is to get relif from feelings of unhappiness, loneliness, inferiority, unworthiness, and/or believing in your inability to support yourself financially.


As common as it is to seek a relationship for these wrong reasons, that is how common it is that relationships disintegrate down the drain of miserable conflict.


In fact, you can be absolutely certain that every relationship that you have been in that ended with a painful break-up involving betrayal, verbal or physical abuse, or enmity was begun for the wrong reason.


The reason why these relationships break-up is because relationship with others are always reflections of our relationship with ourselves.


Until we can take care of ourselves emotionally and physically we will draw to us someone who tempts us with the promise of doing saving us, and then ends up letting us down.  That person may have really believed that he or she could be your rescuer, but ultimately the job proved to be impossible.


It had to be impossible because we attract people who treat us the way we treat ourselves.  If you are miserable without someone that means that you make yourself miserable and can therefore only attract someone who helps you make yourself miserable.


Some of us have to go through many painful relationship break-ups (like me) until before we are finally ready to face the pain and fear we cause ourselves and learn how to take really good care of ourselves.


You must feel deserted by others just when you feel that you need them the most as long as you desert yourself.


You have to face life alone as long as feelings of neediness, helplessness, unhappiness, insecurity and dependency drive you to find someone else.


You really won’t allow any relationship based on dependency to work out for you because your deepest intention is to be whole, happy, empowered and capable on your own.  You will sabotage any relationship that interferes with this core intention.


There simply is no easy way out here.  This is why so few relationships are really strong and satisfying. 


The reason why two whole individuals come together is based on the inspiration they feel as they recognize that they can serve a higher purpose, fulfill a higher potential, experience a greater joy through a relationship of unconditional loving, mutual support. It is not to escape feelings of inner emptiness and pain.  It is not to fill a void of lost self-esteem.  It is not to compensate for the belief that they are unworthy of love and incapable of supporting themselves physically and emotionally.


To achieve this state of wholeness I have found The Method to be of indespensible support.  It is a means of recognizing and releasing the false, limiting beliefs about ourselves that make sabotage our chance for a great relationship by making us overly dependnt upon others.


Through the use of The Method you can quickly develop - or return to - a truly great relationship with your self, causing your relationships with others to reflect that greatness.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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