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The Gift Of Heartbreak
How To Remain In Love

When we feel heartbroken we are receiving a lesson.  It is not the lesson to not love.  It is the lesson of love’s liberation.


In love’s thrill is the highest joy.  It takes us above all worldly concerns.  It is ecstasy.  And then, when the one we have fallen in love with leaves or lets us down in a big way, we feel that supremely giddy lift evaporating, leaving our heart heavy and aching, even feeling like it’s breaking. 


The lesson we learn from going through this again and again is that no physical condition sustains our joyful bliss indefinitely. Rushing into your lover’s arms turns out to be rushing into a cloud of smoke, and all you end up embracing is yourself.  Disappointment follows hope every time, until one feels plunged into an abyss of despair.  If you can make it through this dark night, it leads to a profound awakening.  It is not in love’s thrill that you must do without.  You have been mistaken about its source!  You have discovered that the world outside of you is a mirage.  As soon as you try to drink deeply of the scintillating pool you burn your tongue on the desert’s dust.


The special one who triggered your in-love joy took you to a place where you belong, but it's a state that only you can sustain through your own capacity to remain internally attuned to that most blissful high of the heart.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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