In our coaching sessions I will be guiding you through a simple process that I call The Method for releasing you from your emotional pain, and the painful emotional patterns that are
really the cause of your relationship problems.  You will feel
substantial releif in just one session.


I know the agony you are facing.

Relief is here... 


You have been struggling with unhappiness and frustration and finding it impossible to create harmony and real open, honest communication.


You feel "stuck" on someone who seems to set you up with temptation
and then hurts you with rejection or disinterest.


You are feeling that you are in the wrong relationship but it hurts too much to let go.


You have left someone who was not treating you fairly but the pain is excruciating.


You have been mercilessly dumped and you are feeling like garbage.


You are tired of running into the same painful endings over and over and finally want to make the changes necessary for the wonderful relationship you want.


You are feeling desperate and worthless when you are not in a relationship.


You are feeling disconnected from your feelings and wonder
if it is your partner's fault.


You can't stand fighting in front of the children but cannot stop.


You are fighting over parenting issues and want to understand
what your child really needs.


We can meet in person or do sessions over the phone or via Skype. I work with individuals, couples and groups around the world.


E-mail me to schedule your Healing Love Relationship Session.

It's NOT Marriage Counseling - It's Relationship Healing.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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Your Relationship Problems Solved Here

Bob Lancer
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