Are you suffering from an abusive relationship?


In our phone coaching sessions I will help you set boundaries to avoid, leave and recover from an abusive relationship.


Email me to schedule your complimentary session over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around  30 minutes and the results are immediate.


Whether you are dealing with an abusive mate, ex mate, family member or employer, if you are experiencing abuse in a relationship it is because of what YOU are doing.  This does not mean that your actions warrant abuse, but rather that you are making unconscious choices that lead you into and keep you in that abuse.    


The challenge of setting boundaries, leaving and recovering from an abusive relationship is perhaps the most underrated challenge there is.  Nothing may be more difficult.  It may be more difficult than kicking the most addictive drug. It is as difficult as avoiding what you feel absolutely attracted to.  


As difficult and painful as it is IT CAN BE DONE.  In my coaching work and training seminars I will guide you through the process and support you every step of the way, to help you move through it ALL THE WAY.  


Email me to schedule your complimentary session  over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around  30 minutes and the results are immediate.


Imagine being free of abusiveness.  Imagine the ability to easily set appropriate boundaries and stick to them.  Imagine having the courage and self-confidence to leave an abusive relationship, even if it means you have to face life alone (for a while) and without the support of the abuser’s resources.  Imagine recovering from the devastating traumatic shock and loss of power that occurs in an abusive relationship.  Imagine emerging once and for all with healthy love for yourself, feeling calm and happy, and fully whole and empowered.  


This is what happens when you develop the ability to recognize, avoid, leave and fully recover from an abusive relationship.


It’s time for you to feel courageous and free!


Email me to schedule your complimentary session  over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around  30 minutes and the results are immediate.


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Are you feeling scared, anxious, insecure, abused, betrayed, heartbroken or
just plain frustrated, confused or disappointed with
what is going on in your relationship?


I'm BOB LANCER, and I have discovered a powerful, yet simple and effective
for healing relationship wounds and recovering from relationship abuse.


It's called  
because it WORKS. 


THE METHOD achieves a remarkable IMMEDIATE shift from the painful emotional patterns that block and sabotage your sense of empowerment. It frees you from the terror of alienation, non-mattering, helplessness and solitary confinement that gives the abuser all of his/her power over you.


You will be amazed by the immediate results of inner peace.  But it is your long-term work that will set you free FOREVER from being lured and entrapped into abusive relationships.  I will coach you through it, in our AFFORDABLE AND CONVENIENT phone-coaching sessions.


Email me to schedule your COMPLIMENTSRY session over the phone or via Skype. Each session lasts around 30 minutes and the results are immediate.


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Go to my contact page to request a free PDF of my 20+ Page Special Report that thoroughly explains the cause and cure of the relationship abuse cycle.

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