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Are you feeling scared, anxious, insecure, abused, betrayed, heartbroken or
just plain frustrated, confused or disappointed with
what is going on in your relationship?


I'm BOB LANCER, and I have discovered a powerful, yet simple and effective
for healing relationship strife.


It's called  
because it WORKS. 


Email me to schedule your demonstration over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around
20 minutes and the results are immediate.




By following my steps to clearing your internal relationship patterns, you will automatically begin experiencing more harmonious, fulfilling and satisfying relationships with others, particularly with your significant other. I can help you release from
the relationship patterns that have been keeping you feeling
unloved, unvalued, disempowered and disconnected.


THE METHOD is based upon the “Principle of Reflection.”  Based on this principle, every relationship problem with another is an outer reflection of a relationship pattern within you.  As you clear up the internal relationship issues that you have been carrying within you since early childhood, your relationship problems with others resolve themselves!  But until you clear up this issue within yourself, nothing you do will produce any lasting or significant improvement in your relationships with others. 


THE METHOD achieves a remarkable shift in perspective and a deeply healing release from the painful emotional patterns that block and sabotage loving relationships. There is no lengthy analysis or psycho-therapeutic conversations that dig up the past.  While there are some mild references to the past, the entire process takes place on a feeling level, not on an intellectual one.


There's a good reason everything you have tried for love has proven to be frustrating and futile. It took me 30 years of searching to find the missing key to relationship harmony.  As I work with myself and my clients, I'm astonished every day at how quickly and dramatically it works!   


You will be amazed!  


THE METHOD heals relationships by first bringing more love and harmony into the relationship 

you have with yourself. From that critical foundation, you are truly free to create the loving 

relationship with another that your heart desires.


Let's heal what has been perpetuating your hurt-filled conflicts and leading
to excruciating relationship break-downs and break-ups.



Email me to schedule your demonstration over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around
20 minutes and the results are immediate.


Reeling from a painful relationship break-up?  I wrote the book, I May Have Been Dumped, But I'm Not Garbage!  I'll guide you through The Method to reclaim your power and self-value, turn that
heart-rending break-up into a great wake-up and break-through so you can finally
experience the beautiful loving relationship you have always
known deep down inside was possible .



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how to find love in a relationship.




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